In the Technology space there is an acute awareness that an Engineering Manager has been playing a dual role. The first being they are functioning as a technical lead of sorts for their team, in some cases acting as an individual contributor. The second role is that which comes to mind when one hears the team manager. Splitting time between being both a contributor to the code base and being a great people leader is, well challenging. This conflict has in the past lead to one or the other not being done very well, or even worse burn out. Companies…

I know what you’re thinking, not another Git article. Well, this was supposed to be a video, but one wind storm and falling tree limb later my office space finds itself in need of a face lift. Until then, I did want share this as it scares me the number of developers who aren’t familiar or comfortable with source control. I thought I’d put together an easy-to-read guide on some basic Git features and how to use them. Remember Git is file tracking system keeps record of historical changes in a file(s). It’s not as scary as it might look.


In my 10 years as a software developer I’ve struggled a lot with feeling like I’ve earned any of the positions I’ve been in. From a junior developer to engineering manager I’ve always questioned whether I’m good enough, and from what I see in the field I’m not the only one. That being said, I’ve found five ways to cope with my imposter syndrome and while I’m not offering a perfect method these are some helpful ways that have allowed me to function better in my role and the field as a whole. …

My wife will happily share how much she loves a good purse and loves to coordinate them with her outfits, all the fun stuff. When I think of a good backpack I focus on three major areas ascetics, functionality, and longevity. I happily rocked the original The North Face Jester for men from high school all the way through my college years until it met a sad end from old age. After years of searching I finally found a happy replacement in the Evergoods CPL V1 linked here. Now I love a good tech back review as much as the…

Stephon Parker

Software Engineering Manager in my day job. All the time husband. I’m not a writer, but I play one.

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